Film Reel

Requirements and Policies

The interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies is designed to allow students to develop knowledge of film and video as an art form while fulfilling the requirements for one of the approved degree programs at the University. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences courses that satisfy the minor represent different aspects of film and video art: (1) Culture, (2) History, (3) Theory, and (4) Production.

Minor in Film Studies

The minor in Film Studies requires the completion of 18 hours of approved courses as follows: (1) FILM 2201 Introduction to Film Studies and (2) at least five additional courses representing at least three of the departments offering the minor. Courses that satisfy the minor are as follows:

  • AFRS 2105 Black Images in the Media
  • COMM 3050 Topics in Communication Studies: Film
  • COMM 3052 Topics in Mass Media: Video Magazine Production
  • COMM 3125 New Media for Communications
  • ENGL 2106 Film Criticism
  • ENGL 3050 Topics in English: Film
  • FILM 3050 Topics in FIlm (Writing-Intensive.  Includes Screenwriting courses)
  • FILM 3051 Topics in Film (Includes Video Production courses)
  • FILM 3120 The Fundamentals of Video/Film Production
  • FILM 3800 Directed Project in Film or Video
  • FILM 4410 Professional Internship in Film Studies
  • LACS 3050 Topics in Language. Literature, and Culture (Includes French Film, German Film, Italian Film, Japanese Film, etc.)
  • LACS 3160 European Cinema
  • FREN 3160 Topics in French Film
  • GERM 3160 Survey of German Film
  • HIST 3010 History and Culture through Film
  • JAPN 3160 Topics in Japanese Film
  • RELS 3212 Film and Identity
  • RELS 3213 Jesus on the SIlver Screen
  • THEA 2640 Playwriting/Screenwriting
  • THEA 4001 Topics in Theatre

In addition, topics courses or seminars offered by American Studies, Communication Studies, and departments not presently associated with the minor in Film Studies may be applied to the minor upon approval of the Director.

Students may elect as one of their courses an internship that focuses on a video or film project in any of the participating departments. Students who choose this option will sign up under the internship course number of the department that seems most appropriate.  Please consult the Director of the Film Studies Program on any questions about Internships.